White and Red wine
Amber and Red Wine of Qvevri
Wine type Red Dry
Grape Variety Otskhanuri Sapere
Region Imereti

This wine is made from high quality grapes of Georgian indigenous variety Otskhanuri Sapere. Wine has a beautiful intense dark ruby color. It has a characteristic delicate aroma of raspberry, and wild berries.

Taste with steak and beef.
Alcohol 13,0%
Wine type Red Semi-Sweet
Grape Variety Saperavi and Cabernet
Region Kakheti

Manufactured from Saperavi grape varieties cultivated in Kakhuri Gvinis Marani’s vineyards in Kakheti, Georgia. Wine has characteristic light ruby color, pleasant bouquet of aromas and harmonic tones of fruits and forest berries. It has a pleasant sweetness.

Taste with cheese and cold fruits.
Alcohol 12%
Wine type Spirits
Region Kakheti

Chacha is a Georgian traditional strong alcoholic beverage, made by Georgian grape varieties. Chacha is made by double distillation of grape skins, pulp, seeds and stems. Chacha is a colourless and transparent drink with harmonious aroma and also is characterized by exceptionally distinctive  mild taste.

Alcohol 42%